Randy has part of a poem by Rilke on the home page of his website.  ”… Be attentive to what is rising within you…. What is happening in your innermost self is worthy of your entire love….” I am attentive, and at one point found the desire for someone to hold a particular kind of awareness so that I could go deep and open to the entirety of grieving that was unfolding within.  I found Randy and am immensely grateful that he can hold that kind of awareness that didn’t interfere with me going deep into it. At the doorway of that grief I also found love. Tears flowed, and laughter too. Randy nudged a couple times. Mostly he opened his heart, listened and stayed with me. I so appreciate his gift!

– Robert


“Randy’s competent, kind, and open demeanor as a Coach have been instrumental in deepening the connection between my core spiritual values and my vocational direction. Randy’s use of skillful and powerful questions, and the provision of a safe space in which to share my process, helped clarify and strengthen my deep commitment to partnering my spiritual practices and values with my work in the world.

 “My most heartfelt ‘thanks’.”

– Jamie Jacobs, Coaching Client

“Randy is an engaged and attentive coach.  He listens deeply to what you are struggling with, and supports you in helping the creative ideas emerge.  His presence allows whatever is needed to actually happen, and he is able to guide you when you get stuck.”

–Michael L.

“I feel confident in saying that I would not have launched the project without going through the coaching process. Have external accountability was extremely helpful. Thanks, Randy!”

–Cherry A.

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