Transformational change happens through an awakening of the Heart. It happens when we commit to our deepest selves and our most passionate projects. The small voice within slowly finds a way to emerge through the darkness. Our darkness may show up as fear, anxiety, depression, or rage. It may show up as an unexpected event that humbles us and breaks our hearts. Or it may show up as a vague sense that there is something missing in our lives or something valuable that wants to be created. With care and a deep personal commitment, we can begin to touch the shy, vulnerable part of ourselves and the steady, confident part of ourselves and awaken to that which is beyond words and which truly sustains us. Our world is awakening.

somatic psychotherapy

True inner work is not a fast path or quick fix for feeling better. It takes place at a gradual pace with compassion and deep, steady awareness. Somatic psychotherapy can be the place where you heal and unleash the power within deep wounds and re-connect with your deepest self.

transformative coaching

Conscious intention. Steady focus. Accountable, heartfelt goals. These are three core aspects of coaching in my work with clients. Transformative coaching helps you clarify your purpose, establish key goals and achieve meaningful outcomes. 

spiritual counseling boulder co

I work with sincere seekers from all traditions who are interested in better understanding and nurturing their own spiritual awakening, in the sacred science of spiritual transformation.

I offer spiritually-focused somatic psychotherapy, transformative life coaching, and spiritual guidance. All of these are different parts of a single theme, a theme of becoming more vulnerable, more transparent, more authentic, more creative, and more awake.

By taking the time to go within and feel all that is there, we take the hero’s journey. It is rarely easy but the rewards are worth all our efforts. That the light is only to be found in the darkness is the greatest of mysteries. Courage and patience are needed, in equal measure.

“…be attentive to what is rising within you,
and place that above everything else…
What is happening in your innermost self
is worthy of your entire love;
somehow you must find a way to work at it.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke (20th-century German poet)

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