Have you wondered how best to support your spiritual development? Have you ever wondered how many of your issues and traumas in life have a spiritual basis or purpose to them? We are given many opportunities to deepen into our Divine nature but sometimes these opportunities aren’t understood. Sometimes they are ignored because they ask too much of us.

I work with sincere seekers from all traditions who are interested in better understanding and nurturing their own spiritual unfolding. I am a student of Traditional Kundalini Science (the sacred science of spiritual transformation) and I bring the wisdom of this work into my practice.

Traditional Kundalini Science sees all religions and spiritual traditions as having a common core and some common practices that touch and allow this core to emerge and stabilize so that one can realize higher and higher, deeper and deeper states of awareness until the Goal is reached. Touching into this common core of Divine, Spacious Love (or however we describe our True Self) is the basis of my work as a spiritual counselor and guide. I come at it from years of practice, deep humility, a personal awakening experience, and a strong sense that each person’s path is unique.

In our fast-paced and trauma filled world, many of us come to our spiritual endeavors with some damage to our subtle body nervous system. This damage constricts our ability to receive and live our fullest spiritual potential.

The goal of my spiritual counseling and guidance is to support your spiritual life in two ways: 1) by strengthening your subtle body’s nervous system, and 2) by increasing your spiritual understanding, focus and energy. I work with your intent, spiritual practices, lifestyle, diet, breathing, philosophy, psychological inner work, and faith. But really, much of the work is done by being a soul friend who can make time for you to reflect on and discuss your own spiritual life.

If you are a member of a church, spiritual organization, meditation group or just someone who is spiritual but not religious, I can be that person who can offer another perspective on your spiritual path, one which is grounded in over a thousand years of practical spiritual wisdom. I do this work with the blessing and under the supervision of my teacher, Joan Shivarpita Harrigan.

Offering spiritual counseling and guidance is a sacred endeavor. The signs and symptoms of spiritual development are not always blissful. They can be intense, curious, confusing, quiet, astonishing, and even debilitating. But with the right guidance and support, one’s process can develop and blossom into true depth, authenticity, bliss and wisdom.

If you are interested in working together, please contact me for an initial consultation. I will then have you fill out the Three Histories Form which you can find by clicking on the link. This covers your Life History, Health History, and Spiritual History.

“The idea that all the pain of awakening can be mollified through herbs, pills, massages and the like keeps us from addressing the real inner problems that Kundalini works so hard to unveil. Generally, once Kundalini has risen, we can’t get away with Band-Aid solutions for long. Eventually the deeper issues force themselves upon us in a way we cannot escape. Many proffered solutions to Kundalini difficulties, from prescription medications to holistic remedies, are intended to reduce the intensity of the process. We may eagerly reach for these nostrums in the mistaken belief that intensity is in itself an unhealthy state. Yet peak intensity is where the greatest breakthroughs in consciousness—and concomitant inner healing—occur.”

–  El Collie, Branded by the Spirit

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Contact me if you would like to schedule an in-person, phone or Zoom session or if you would like to set up a 30 minute introductory meeting.

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