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Working Together with Trauma in a Committed Relationship

Recently, I wrote an article called "Working Together with Trauma in a Committed Relationship" for the website Marriage.com. It's a powerful article and asks a lot of the average person. Still, I'm hopeful that we can all learn how to work together with and through trauma in a committed relationship. I'm hopeful that we can become skilled in being with our partners when deep feelings and sensations emerge and this article is one small attempt at showing how it can be done.

Working Together with Trauma in a Committed Relationship2021-03-29T11:43:19-06:00

True Freedom is the Marriage and Balance of Opposites

Awhile back, this phrase came to me on a walk. I was reflecting on the many ways that we experience different emotional states of being, most often being diving into one while forgetting the other exists. At some point, though, I recognized that our best action is to hold both polarities at the same time. To hold sadness with joy; success with failure; belonging with isolation. And, in this way, we come to the recognition that true freedom is the marriage and balance of opposites. As you reflect on your own life, do you tend towards sadness or joy? For many [...]

True Freedom is the Marriage and Balance of Opposites2021-03-29T13:29:25-06:00

Post-Traumatic Growth and Spiritual Awakening: How We Sometimes Gain by Losing Our Most Precious Attachments

The material from this article comes in large part from the book Out of the Darkness: From Turmoil to Transformation by Steve Taylor. This article is meant to clarify my own experience and add some bits to the ongoing discussion of the process and many paths of spiritual transformation.

Post-Traumatic Growth and Spiritual Awakening: How We Sometimes Gain by Losing Our Most Precious Attachments2021-03-29T11:56:51-06:00

Trauma Resolution and Biomimicry

“Why are animals in the wild, though routinely threatened, rarely traumatized? By understanding the dynamics that make wild animals virtually immune to traumatic symptoms, the mystery of human drama is unveiled.” -Peter Levine Last week I heard a talk by Jamie Dwyer from Biomimicry 3.8 about how we can learn a lot from nature to solve our problems. It turns out that nature has been solving problems and evolving for 3.8 billion years so she knows a little bit about the process. Besides being awed by the potential behind biomimicry to solve technological problems, or inefficiencies, I came to realize [...]

Trauma Resolution and Biomimicry2021-03-29T13:31:01-06:00

Take Heart from Every Breakthrough

(Welcome to the first blog of an ongoing series of small blog posts on key topics relating to spiritually-focused somatic psychotherapy, coaching, and spiritual counseling. I hope you find them inspiring…) “Take heart from every insight and breakthrough that comes your way. Each time you make a leap, the frequency of your DNA leaps with you. The inner process takes time and requires as much patience as courage.” -Richard Rudd, Gene Keys I love this quote. It points to an important part of personal, professional and spiritual transformation—taking heart from the small breakthroughs that come our way. Too often, we may [...]

Take Heart from Every Breakthrough2016-01-05T15:56:57-07:00

The Value of Suffering

What is true about the Kundalini or the awakening process is that it is dangerous. It will lead one into the deepest, most unresolved places inside us—and to terror and rage. Without proper guidance, one can get in severe trouble. It is why I have great respect for those who aren't ready to face their own demons. One can spend years coming to the edge and backing away.

The Value of Suffering2016-05-10T12:58:58-06:00
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