“To live from the heart is a subversive act, especially in a culture that doesn’t value vulnerability and emotional transparency as much as ‘being strong’.”

-Van Metaxas

Many people who enter somatic psychotherapy do so after years of neglecting their inner lives. They get to a point where they no longer want to put up with a relationship or job that isn’t serving them or a life that no longer feeds their deepest purpose in life. Over the years, they may even have learned to harden their hearts from further pain by entering into their own private cave where no one can reach them. Yet even in the most hidden heart, a shy, subtle self still exists and under the right conditions a quickening is possible.

Somatic psychotherapy can be the place where you can re-connect with your deepest self. By slowly and patiently establishing a secure relationship with the therapist, you can begin to nurture the quickening within and to work through the layers of feelings that have been repressed and which obscure your Heart, the True Self within.

True inner work is not a fast path or quick fix for feeling better. It takes place at a gradual pace with compassion and deep steady awareness. It happens at the “speed of green” where you have time to allow, appreciate, and assimilate or let go of your challenging emotions and negative thinking. But by doing so, you expand your consciousness; you accept the invitation and call within and learn to live more freely, firmly centered in a healthy, balanced way of being, a way of living that comes from integrating all parts of yourself.

Our world is waking up. The process of inner purification can be very uncomfortable. But what we are recognizing is that trauma and turmoil can be a doorway to our own awakening. It can be a source of, and in service to, our own growth. It is up to us to choose the path of love and awakening that call us from within.

Individual therapy can occur over the space of one year or one decade. Our path towards spacious awakening happens over time with a deep, abiding commitment to the process on part of the client and the therapist. It is not easy, and courage is needed. But rest assured, you can get through the forest and swamplands of the unconscious and touch the spacious awareness of the Heart. Over time, this builds and one tips the scales within one’s own being where the awakened Heart lives in your everyday awareness.

In my work with clients, I offer encouragement, guidance, and stable witness from having been through the darkness myself. I consider myself a therapist, coach and soul friend.

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“Our emotional body feels, learns and opens at its own pace, just like a flower blooms. A part of the work is navigating feeling awareness directly and literally into the heart area through the center of the chest. This is the area that I firmly believe is the bodily location of awakening.”

-Neil Stephen Cohen

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