Transformative life coaching provides you with feedback, insights, and guidance from an outside vantage point. It is a professional service that helps you clarify your purpose in life, establish your goals, grow, and achieve meaningful outcomes in a relatively short period of time.

At times in our lives, we decide to make significant decisions to take a new direction in life. We may decide to start a new career or business, start on a new path of health and well-being, re-evaluate our current life choices, or strengthen our spiritual life. Many of these choices are hard and take time to sort through all the possibilities ahead.

Transformative coaching can help you take that next step with the support you need to make it lasting and transformative.

A coach guides you through the your own thinking, feeling and beliefs so you can achieve your vision, clarify your goals, and be held accountable for achieving them. A supportive and deep-questioning coach can help you achieve greater success, in a more supportive environment, in a shorter period of time.

My focus is working with people who know deep inside that they want to transform their lives in some way. It may mean creating a more conscious life or a more conscious work environment or company. I especially love working with yoga teachers, mindfulness program leaders, and school teachers and administrators who seek to bring more wholeness and authenticity to their work.

Our world is transforming rapidly. True and lasting change comes when we change our inner lives. Coaching can help you take the next steps toward reaching your goals—goals that are specific, achievable, measurable and heartfelt. Without integrating the heart into our life goals, we may forget the deepest reason for being alive and lose the power to reach our highest potential.

Transformative coaching is about building a co-creative relationship around some aspect of change in your life. It is common for executives and CEOs to employ coaches because it helps them clarify, focus and set measurable goals. The Lore Institute found that about 80% of large companies use executive coaches. Even Odysseus employed a coach-mentor for his prince son so his son could be guided while he (Odysseus) was off fighting the Trojan War. Coaching has a noble history and a current history of success.

While therapy is useful for uncovering, resolving and being transformed by our wounds and unconscious aspects, coaching is useful for helping to create a vision for what you can do and be. Coaching helps people achieve breakthroughs in their professional and personal lives.

Often, the people who use coaches are leaders or in leading positions–and each of us are leaders in some way. As leaders, we face challenging problems that often require a neutral and supportive person who can ask powerful questions and facilitate important discussions. Leadership can be a lonely place and coaches can help fill that sense of having to do it alone.

If you are interested in taking an important step in creating a strategy and plan for your conscious life goals, please contact me for an introductory session or phone call.

“Clients find themselves doing more than they would on their own; taking themselves more seriously; creating momentum and consistency; taking more effective and focused actions; and becoming more balanced and fulfilled.”

-Coach Training Alliance

transformative life coaching


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