Types of Issues and People I Work With

I work with the following issues:

  • self development and personal growth
  • somatic attachment issues, early and adult
  • relationship and intimacy issues/conflicts
  • trauma, including birth trauma, from a spiritually focused point of view
  • life transitions, including birth, including your own birth, death, illness, divorce and career challenges
  • spiritual emergence and Kundalini symptoms
  • personality structures and temperaments
  • shadow material and recurring dreams
  • the six core wounds:
    1. fear/contraction
    2. anger/denial/rage
    3. shame/worthlessness
    4. rejection
    5. guilt for past wrongs
    6. separation

I enjoy working with the following types of people:

  • people who have a spiritual inclination
  • people who are willing to make a commitment to the process
  • “head types” who are interested in opening their hearts
  • “heart types” who are interested in strengthening mindfulness
  • all of us who are interested in developing a friendship with their bodies and being more in their bodies
  •  therapists who need someone who has travelled the path
  • educators
  • yoga teachers

I’d be happy to work with you if any of these fit you. Contact me to set up an introductory appointment.

“Do you think it is easy to change?

Alas, it is very hard to change and be different.

It means passing through the waters of oblivion.”

-D.H. Lawrence, from the poem “Change” (1971)

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Contact me if you would like to schedule an in-person, phone or Zoom session or if you would like to set up a 30 minute introductory meeting.

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