boulder therapist randy comptonFinding the right person to work with is essential. Even with recommendations and careful research, one still needs to feel the intangibles of a relationship which can only come from sitting in another person’s presence. With that said, here are a few things about me.

My work is greatly influenced by the work and lineages of Peter Levine (somatic experiencing), John Bowlby (attachment theory), Diane Poole Heller (somatic attachment therapy), Ray Castellino (birth trauma), Neil Stephen Cohen (integrative awakening), Rachael Kessler et al (social-emotional learning), and Joan Harrigan (Traditional Kundalini science).

I feel blessed that I am able to combine so many of my interests and passions in my practice. For many years, I trained teachers and students in conflict mediation, affective communication, social-emotional learning and restorative justice. My passion was in bringing these skills to students and the adults who work with them so that a new culture could develop—one with more peace, more listening, more problem solving and more self-awareness. While there is still more work to be done, I left knowing that we created huge momentum in schools for creating a more peaceful way of being in the world.

I continue to train in the field of restorative justice on an occasional basis with Restorative Solutions but my focus now is on working with people in a more intimate way to dig deeper down in the shadows to create lasting psychological and spiritual change.

My own healing and awakening journey began at birth with a very difficult entry into the world. The reverberations from this beginning went deep into my body to be processed later. As I matured and grew in experience, I slowly worked through the material buried in the unconscious. I worked with many healing modalities and found not only significant breakthroughs, but also deep awakening experiences.

I was raised as a Christian and have been shaped since by Yoga, Buddhism, Non-dualism, Jungian psychology, the Perennial Philosophy, and most recently by Traditional Kundalini Science, or the science of spiritual transformation. I am lucky enough to study with a tradition that incorporates all religious and psychological paths, since at the deepest levels all paths merge into one.

In the field of therapy, what interests me greatly is how our early attachment experiences influence our neurological wiring and shape our ability to connect and bond with others. I am also interested in how somatic experiencing can be used not only for trauma and but for everyday, full-bodied awareness. Lasting healing and psychological and spiritual integration happens with and through the body and somatic experiencing is integral to my practice. And, since much of my previous career focused on facilitation and communication, I weave in the skills of coaching depending upon the goals of my clients.

I have been married and divorced and have started and transitioned out of two businesses so I know the joys and the heartbreaks of intimacy, failure and deep personal growth.

I am a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado and an accredited coach through the Yoga2Life Coach Training Alliance. I did my graduate work at the University of Colorado at Boulder, though my most important graduate work came later—and still continues. I am the author of The Insight Story Cards: Everyday Symbol Cards for Personal Exploration, among many other articles and essays, some of which are included on this site.

-Randy Compton (therapist, coach, spiritual counselor)

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