The following is my own translation of the Messiah oratorio in which I turn the story inward, showing that the story of Jesus as the Messiah is also the inner story of one’s own spiritual transformation and awakening, available to us all. Jesus not only shared his awakening with us but also encouraged us to turn within and awaken to one’s own Christ nature.

Messiah is a Hebrew word, usually translated in the New Testament as Christ. It means “the Anointed” of God. The Oratorio aims to present an outline of the life and mission of the Lord Jesus Christ taken from Scripture; for all the words sung during the course of this piece of music are taken from the Bible, and when they are placed in their proper setting, they have a most wonderful and significant meaning.

“Be comforted, for your very own Self will be born within you. As the Divine Self is born within, the internal wars and sense of duality will cease.

The voice of our God within is crying in the wilderness for our own awakening, crying from the depths of our own unconsciousness. Prepare the way for one’s own Divine inner Self. Make a path in the dry, parched desert of one’s own heart to your own inner Self. Make this path a straight one and a well travelled highway.

Every valley and low place within will be raised up and welcomed; every mountain and obstacle will be removed; every crooked place within will be made straight; every rough place will be made smooth.

The glory of our Divine Self within shall be revealed and your body shall feel and see it together.

There may come a time when the Divine Self within will shake the deepest parts of our psyches, and our bodies will tremble and shake. A tremendous power will ripple through one’s being as an earthquake and it will shake loose the bonds of ignorance and obstacles that keep us from seeing clearly. And, the desire and yearning to marry one’s own Divine Self shall come.

The Lord within whom we seek with all our heart shall suddenly come to the fore of our own heart and soul.

Who shall be attentive when the time of one’s awakening comes? Who shall stand firm when the awakening happens? For God’s transformational power is like a refiner’s fire. God as one’s Divine Self will purify us with the fire of transformation so that our being is open and clear to receive and realize the Divine within.

Behold, the Feminine within will bear our own sacred child within and we shall know this Divine Child as God within us.

As this happens, tell this good news to others, lift up your voice with strength and be not afraid to say unto others, “Behold the God within”.

Arise, shine, for one’s own inner light has come and the glory of one’s Divine Self has risen. As this begins to happen, one’s own inner darkness will emerge from deep within the recesses of one’s own body. But one’s true nature and one’s Divine Self will arise within and this Glory will be seen from within. Others may notice this, including the other parts within ourselves that were ignorant or doubtful. As we walk in darkness, we shall also see the great Light within. As we dwelled in the land of the shadow of death, we shall also come through this and see the light that is emerging from within.

For within us a Child is born; our Divine nature is shown to us and our outer roles and habits will take second place to the Divine nature and way of being within. We shall realize our very own self as the everlasting Pure Consciousness, the I AM, the Prince of Peace, the utter Stillness.

As we go about our work in the world, there comes a time when we hear a message or see a sign that points to the birth of the indwelling divinity, which is our True Self.

And as this happens, a multitude of heavenly beings offers their praise and welcomes one home. The heavenly beings sing “Glory to the One Pure Light, deep peace in your embodied self, and compassion toward all beings.

As we take in this truth, we rejoice and know that our highest Self has come into us. We realize our true nature. We speak peace and truth to our friends, neighbors and all beings because now our eyes see the truth and our ears hear the inner sounds of wisdom. We bring all parts of ourselves forward and find rest deep within. As a manifestation of God, we are and bring forth that which is humble, tender and vulnerable.

Enter into your tender Divine Self and feel the impurities within you melt away. One’s true nature is familiar with sorrow, grief, shame and rejection. Welcome this tenderly and feel into and through this pain to the impeccable beyond which is one’s true nature. By feeling one’s pain, one heals one’s self and melts away the scales of what is untrue and unreal within us.

Whenever we turn away from our inner child and Divine Self, we rebuke ourselves and miss out on feeling our True Nature. When we do this with ourselves, it is heartbreaking and makes us heavy. And, it cuts us off from the land of the living, from being fully present in our bodies with all that is.

Open the doors of your hearts and let God enter. Who is the King of Glory? It is the God within us all that is us, the Lord of the Universe.

How beautiful it is when we speak of our own Divine Self and bring good news of the Real within us all.

Why do we sometimes doubt our own Divine nature? Why do we forget, or rage, or conspire against our inner Self? Let us break the bonds of ignorance and cast them away. As we live in the heaven that is the sky of the heart, our limited egoic sense of self will be broken and we will shatter like a potter’s vessel and merge into the Emptiness and Fullness of our true Being.

Praise our own true Self, the name of God, for the Christ-Buddha nature within shall reign forever and ever. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the One of the Many, the Empty Fullness is our true nature and rules.

I know that my true Self lives within and that though I might someday die, I may also realize my Divine Nature while living on earth. Since we come from death, we also come through death into an awakened state. For as our individual state of consciousness dies, we are reborn in Universal consciousness where we merge with the One.

This is truly a mystery. We shall not all sleep. We shall be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the very last moment. We shall rise from our shattered, limited self and awaken to our Divine, unlimited Self which is incorruptible and immortal. Death is swallowed up in victory. Death, where is thy sting? Immortality has taken over. The sting of death only exists in separation.

Thanks be to our Divine Self. Thanks be to our awakened Self. For once awakened, who can harm us? Worthy is the self that has been slain and has taken the inner journey past the gates of death in order to receive one’s true, inner power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing. Blessing and honor and glory and power be unto us that sits on the throne of one’s inner Self and one’s inner Child forever and ever.



(Original lyrics to Handel’s Messiah here)