I offer spiritually-focused somatic psychotherapy, transformative life coaching, and spiritual guidance. All of these are different parts of a single theme, a theme of becoming more vulnerable, more transparent, more authentic, more creative, and more awake.

By taking the time to go within and feel all that is there, we take the hero’s journey. It is rarely easy but the rewards are worth all our efforts. That the light is only to be found in the darkness is the greatest of mysteries. Courage and patience are needed, in equal measure.

“…be attentive to what is rising within you,
and place that above everything else…
What is happening in your innermost self
is worthy of your entire love;
somehow you must find a way to work at it.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke (20th-century German poet)

We are living in a time of accelerated evolution. As the world is heating up, so are our internal worlds and many of us are experiencing great change. Traumas, losses, career shifts, and deep fears and emotions are coming to the surface, inviting us to wholeness. While this is difficult and can be extremely painful, these challenges and unresolved issues are a part of the growing or awakening process.

We are being given the opportunity to feel these painful feelings and experiences fully and take full responsibility for them. Our unresolved emotional issues and misperceptions affect our health, our relationships and our life. The good news is that our traumas, wounds, and shadows can actually open us up to deep spiritual growth and transformation. They are here to serve us.

At other times in our life, we have less tumult and we seek to increase our capacity to embrace and understand the deepest parts of ourselves and our life purpose. What we need is a conscious life coach or spiritual counselor who can guide us along the way, whether it is through a new phase in life, a new business venture or through understanding and nurturing our spiritual life.

My work with clients is based on a paradigm shift—from seeing our emotional and life challenges as problems or pathologies, to experiencing them as symptoms of awakening and transformational opportunities. This is a welcome shift from victimhood to conscious and empowered living. Our efforts to heal, grow and awaken are built within us. Despite how hard it may seem at times, no effort you take is ever lost and it is always worth it. Our longing to live wholeheartedly—to feel connected and worthy of love—is a beautiful thing.

Lastly, I’m interested in hearing about your own spacious awakening experience. Please send me an email so that I might add it to the descriptions of other experiences listed on this website so we can all benefit from knowing that awakenings are happening little by little.